Crux's Story

When we moved back to Utah in 2018 after ten years in Michigan, I discovered generally happy, successful people populating a region in full economic bloom. Yet a trained eye could also spot rampant signs of "slow death": stagnation, frustration, oppression. So many people living out "lives of quiet desperation" at work, many of them close friends and family.

I know the antidotes to slow death. My partners, father/son combo Robert and Shawn Quinn, are two of the world's leading voices on positive leadership and deep change. Breathing life into leaders and organizations is what we do.

But in Utah I faced a dilemma. The people I wanted to help didn't work in mega-corporations with big HR-development budgets. Our normal service model does not reach them.

I faced a choice: stay in my lane or learn to do something I did not know how to do, i.e. make deep change available to everyone. It was a choice fraught with risk. Thus, Crux itself was born at a crossroad.

What we do

Speak, Teach, Facilitate, Consult, and coach on leadership, organizations, and change

What we really do

Catalyze deep change in leadership and organizational performance

Daniel Duckworth

Changemaker. Leadership development professional. Writer. Speaker. Teacher. Facilitator. Coach. Founder and Principal of Crux, Jan 2019. Partner in LIFT Consulting since 2014. Facilitator in The Positive Leader: Deep Change and Organizational Transformation at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business executive education program.

Managing Partner at LIFT Consulting (Ann Arbor, MI)

Best-selling author of Deep Change and Professor Emeritus at U-Michigan (Washington, D.C.)

Associate Professor of Management at U-Louisville (Louisville, KY)

Managing Partner at The Righthand Side (London, England)

Kind Words

"If I could retake the program, I would! You would not believe the positive energy my team members have after a session with you guys. Thank you for your efforts to influence this organization in all the right ways!"

– Executive in a $43 billion global manufacturing firm [12-month leadership program]

"Thanks so much for doing a superb job with our team this week. You touched us in a meaningful way through your wise counsel, facilitation, thought leadership, and care. To a person, the attendees have conveyed how much they valued our time together. They feel challenged to apply new ways of thinking and leading. You have caused us to want to probe further and more importantly, explore what we can do to rise out of our current circumstance."

Chief HR Officer, $5 billion professional services firm (edited for clarity) [2-hour Keynote]

"Dan has been an instrumental part of our program. He not only has the ability to deliver content effectively but drive meaningful dialogue and reflection with the participants. I would highly recommend him for leadership development in other companies."

Director of Global Talent Management , $3 billion global manufacturing firm [2-day leadership workshop]

"The event went extremely well, mostly due to Dan's ability to study an organization's needs and help them become excellent, not normal. You should have seen the engagement in the room. Some participants shared that what he provided was timely and just what they needed. Dan, you really helped us hit the target for our partners."

CEO, teacher development firm [1-day leadership workshop]

"The person I am at this moment is completely different than who I was before the program. The program was a catalyst. It helped me see who I was and, more importantly, who I was not. But I had to decide to do something about it. I made drastic changes to grow my capabilities as a person and a leader. I have spent countless hours learning about myself. I now have the awesome responsibility to serve my team in a greater capacity. I have a renewed sense of purpose in life and greater confidence because I chose to do what was not easy. I can’t express the feeling you get when you achieve something you never thought was possible."

Manager in a $43 billion global manufacturing firm (edited for clarity) [12-month leadership program]