We're creating a space for changemakers to gather, connect, & level-up

Crux Central

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This is where the changemakers gather.

This is where we hang out — to tell stories, ask questions, lend a hand, join a group, find a coach, give advice, think twice, and level-up in a workshop. In short, to change our stories, together.

Crux Central is what we call The Big Tent. It's the community into which all other Crux communities flow. Within The Big Tent, every Crux program —  whether a workshop, coaching circle, or club — has it's own dedicated community. When those programs end, their dedicated communities are no longer "dedicated" to that program. Instead, they flow into Crux Central, into The Big Tent.

We think about it like this

Crux Central is the carnival that encompasses all the action. Inside The Big Tent, you can wander around, mingle with the crowd, and soak up the sights and smells and sounds. Then, when you're ready to level-up, you can join one of the programs, which are like the rides and games inside the carnival.

But the only way into this carnival —  into Crux Central —  is to first come through one of the rides —  through one of the programs. Then, once you're in, you're in. For life. And it's free forever. Plus, now that you're inside, we'll give you members-only discounts to future programs you participate in.

By making the programs the doorway into Crux Central (and not the other way around, which is the way typical membership communities work), we ensure that The Big Tent is filled with like-minded people, with folks who are "in it together", who speak a common language and already have some shared experiences.

Here's what to do next

At the bottom of this screen, you can see any programs that are currently accepting enrollment. Or you can head over to cruxworkshops.com for an overview of what makes our programs unique, as well as detailed descriptions of each program. There, you can also sign-up to get notified when new programs open.

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